How’s it going? – A spoken word poem

An attitude of platitude.
You want my eternal gratitude?
Then remove the next flappy-wristed bimbo who thinks she’s got the latitude to chirp,
“It was meant to be”
In response to any number of things –
A phrase that just rings with insincerity.
I know she either never listens or doesn’t care.
Then when I give her the icy stare
She rejoins with,
“But don’t you know? Good things come to those who wait.”

Alright, I’ll take the bait.

You really believe in some cosmic fate?
Some idea that since you can’t relate it must be destiny?
So if your life is out of control and you need an explanation,
Try to rummage up a little concentration
And apply this dopey philosophy to every situation.
What about the girls who can’t get an education
Without some bullet sensation going through their face?

Was that meant to be?

What about the mother with the little hungry son?
Every day is a battle to be won against starvation and one day it wins.
She waited while you wallowed in platitudes,
Sated on the notion that your life will all work out for you
Because the fates of the cosmos are fluffy pink bunnies
Who just have to notice you to love you.
That’s funny because she waited until death took her first
With its unquenchable thirst for life.
Where are her good things? Didn’t she wait long enough?

Oh wait. Life is tough.

How’s that for a platitude?
Or is that the wrong attitude?
So now, my dear ignorant friend,
I contend that life is much too complicated
To be so simply stated
In tired old clichés that were outdated
Before the dinosaurs expired.
So before your eyes forget how to focus
And your mind finds a new locus in which to reside instead of your head
Allow me to retract my discourse and answer this instead –

Just fine thanks. Couldn’t be better!

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